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Text neck is a commonly used expression for a repetitive strain injury, However, it is not a medical diagnosis.
Text neck occurs when excessive computer use, texting, or mobile devices are the primary cause of neck dysfunction.
Symptoms of text neck, include pain in the neck, upper back, and shoulders.
The pain may be localised and range from general aching to intense pain and a stabbing feeling.
Neck, chest, and upper back muscles become deconditioned resulting in rounding of the shoulders and forward head posture, leading to reduced mobility in neck and shoulders. Headaches may occur due to the tightness of muscles at the base of the skull and neck.

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Text Neck or RSI (repetitive strain injury) are terms that refer to a number of conditions that may be related to forceful exertions, repetitive activities, mechanical compression, vibrations, repetitive eccentric contractions, or sustained or awkward positions. The exact language is contentious, but the terms are currently employed by the National Institute (US) of Occupational Safety and Health and the Department of Labor in the US for musculoskeletal disorders that are work-related.

A general global increase in the Text Neck of the shoulder, arms, hands and, the neck has been attributed to the widespread usage in the workplace of keyboards associated with increased use of computers in the 1970s. These keyboards needed lengthy periods of repetitive motions in a fixed posture. Extremely high or low temperatures have also been reported to be a risk factor for Text Neck.

Workers in some specific areas are in danger of Text Neck. Most injuries in the workplace are musculoskeletal disorders, and many of these are brought on by cumulative injury as opposed to one event. Poultry workers and Miners, for instance, are required to sustain a protracted posture within a work shift or require repeated moves which can result in skeletal, muscular, and tendon injuries. Occupations that involve repetitive motion-patterns or, that can be repetitive. The underdeveloped musculoskeletal system in younger athletes makes them predisposed to the Text Neck.

Psychosocial Aspects

Factors like workplace difficulties or personality differences. Particular employees may dislike their job or organization because of long hours, high work rate, reduced social support, and limited or no job control. Previous studies show higher stress-related chemicals or urinary catecholamines in employees with Text Neck. Pain-related to Text Neck may over time become chronic pain syndrome particularly for workers who don’t have supports from managers or co-workers.

Non-occupational factors

Gender and age are significant risk factors for Text Neck. Age certainly increases the risk of Text Neck. Women are more prone to Text Neck than men because of their decreased stamina, lower muscle mass, smaller frames, and endocrine influences. In addition, alcohol consumption and smoking are familiar risk factors for Text Neck. Recent scientific findings suggest that diabetes and obesity may predispose someone to Text Neck by producing an inflammatory response that is chronic and low-grade which prevents your system from efficiently repairing damaged tissues.

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