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Chiro Cairns’ Chiro Care has a number of phases and the information below is provided to inform you about Cairns Chiropractor’s approach.

Active phase: The initial care is to diagnose and treat the presenting condition. Treatment is aimed at preventing the progression of the injury, resolve irritation, inflammation, release nerve impingement, free up joint dysfunction, release tight muscles and most importantly reduce pain.
This phase is tailored for patients who need immediate pain relief from an injury or condition. Visits may be more frequent, with the goal of stabilising the spine, improving joint mobility and eliminate the pain.

Enhanced care: Once the symptoms have improved, the focus shifts to restore natural biomechanical function to the best possible outcome. It is designed to fix the underlying problems which cause pain. It is focused on restoring joint mobility, muscle, ligament and tendon repair. The corrective care is designed to strengthen the spine and reduce the trigger that caused the original condition.
Visits will be less frequent and a combination of chiropractic care coupled with exercises, stretching and home care will enhance the healing process.

Maintenance or wellness care: This phase is decided by the patient. Its like having a “tune-up” Its designed to maximise overall wellness, with the goal of maintaining optimal health and reducing the risk of future aches and pains and a relapse of the original complaint.

For more information about the phases of chiropractic care, please feel free to contact our office. We are happy to answer any questions.

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