Dr John Cassimatis and Chiropractor Cairns is dedicated to the doctor-patient relationship. We take an extensive history of each patient  to understand their overall health, chiropractic and medical conditions. We review their lifestyle, occupational requirements and expectations. We take the time to make every visit comprehensive and thorough. The initial consultation consists of the individuals history and performing orthopaedic examinations. This gives us a guide for making an accurate diagnosis and a treatment schedule.

Musculoskeletal structures (ligaments, joints, muscles, discs etc.) are constantly subjected to biomechanics forces: tension, compression, sheer and torsion. When functional capacity is less than work or demands placed on the structure, micro-failure (fatigue) and eventual injury is the outcome.

Dr John Cassimatis’s primary goal for patients is to reduce and eliminate pain for improve strength, mobility, balance and coordination. This will enabling the patient to live a fulfilling pain free life.

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